Educators Summit 2023

This year's theme, Joy in Teaching & Learning, asked us to boldly imagine what education spaces can look like when joy and humanizing curriculum is centered. Thank you to all who joined as we learn, grow, listen and engage with fellow practitioners, keynote speakers, and teacher leaders on specific topics in PK-12 schools. 

Programs for the Summit

Save the Date for the 2024 Educators Summit: July 26, 2024



EdTalk: Jason Lee Morgan, Joy Deserts: The Need for a Joy Revolution in Education

Breakout Session 1: Dr. Michelle Lustig, Students in Foster Care: What Districts Can Do To Leverage Resources and Make a Difference

Breakout Session 2: Dr. Addison Duane, Understanding Trauma in Schools

EdTalk: Jonathan Winn, From Misery to Magic: One Teacher’s Journey to Joy