Our Mission

About Us

The CSU Center to Close the Opportunity Gap is a state supported multi-campus initiative with regional networks that will collaboratively learn, work, and leverage opportunities across sectors, to support systemic change and advance PK-12 students’ academic success. Established at California State University Long Beach, and in partnership with San Diego State University, California State University Fullerton and San Jose State University, the Center will focus on identifying and refining proven strategies to eliminate equity gaps at all levels of education and will share resources, tools and evidence-based best practices with colleges of education across the CSU and education partners across California.

What we do

Our goals are to

  1. Strengthen professional preparation of educators-teachers, education specialists, and administrators;
  2. Conduct original research in PK-12 school to identify valid, reliable, and sustainable teaching practices that impact the opportunities and achievement of PK-12 students;
  3. Develop and disseminate tools and resources to implement these practices in PK-12 and educator preparation programs.

The CCOG will disseminate the work of the center through four main avenues.

  1. Online Clearinghouse. The clearinghouse will serve as the primary way to disseminate information to both LEAs and teacher preparation programs. The clearinghouse will allow users to search for best practices by topic (e.g., literacy, behavior) and group (e.g. English learners, students with disabilities).
  2. State conferences, county office presentations and research publications. With research projects taking place at CSULB and at CSU network hubs, the research findings on closing the opportunity gaps will be presented at State and regional conferences. Policy recommendations will be made to further the work and dissemination of the center.
  3. Webinars. The CCOG will host webinars with the Department of Educator Preparation and Public-School Programs, Office of the Chancellor. These webinars will be a way to broadly disseminate to stakeholders throughout the state of CA.
  4. Educator Summit and ongoing professional learning opportunities. The CCOG will host an annual educator summit as a way to build an in-person community around this work and provide professional development.

Why we do it

Recent state policy reforms have provided the right foundation for moving California’s education system into the 21st Century. However, a significant amount of work remains. Opportunity and achievement gaps persist in California by race, ethnicity, income, English learner (EL), foster youth, youth experiencing homelessness and disability status. Given historic inequities, equity in the schooling context requires a focus on outcomes. To reduce and ultimately eliminate the achievement gaps, educational opportunities must especially benefit historically underrepresented groups. Concerning student access and opportunity, equity requires effective practices, educational strategies, and systemic shifts supported by evidence and research.